Support for Trainers

Support for Trainers

At Fitness Is My Life, we have developed our award-winning online coaching platform and we have several different ways that we can support you as you progress in your career as a personal trainer.

Are you looking to start or scale your online coaching business but not sure which way to turn and feeling confused with all of the different apps and systems out there?

Not sure how to generate leads and find new clients?

You keep hearing the “gurus” talking about finding your niche and running paid ads to find and attract your ideal client?

Well, here at Fitness Is My Life, we have a simple, straight-forward approach with expert training and support at every stage on your journey to transitioning to offer your personal training services online.

Our Online Coaching Services

Learn more about our online coaching platform in the video below:

Here is a summary of what we offer:

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client –
    An online workshop to help you gain more clarity on your perfect client by getting crystal clear focus on what clients you want to work with and making sure you can find clients that will pay you for your coaching services
  • Content Marketing –
    An online workshop to provide you with more clarity on two different content strategies that you can start implementing in your business right away to help you find new clients organically before spending a penny on Facebook or Instagram ads. You choose the strategy that feels right for you. This workshop should help you understand WHY your current strategies may not be working
  • Qualifying Your Leads using the Pre-Sales Script
    Yes, there is a script! It’s simple and easy to follow. We share our proven conversion script that helps you take control of your DM’s to turn cold leads into paying clients
  • Landing Page and Sales Funnel
    We have developed a high-converting landing page for trainers and coaches that can be tailored to your specific program and ideal client. We take care of all the complex tech setup so all you need to do is provide prospects with your personal landing page link and you will soon notice appointments being scheduled in your calendar without you needing to do anything after you send them your link.
    How does this work? Our landing pages are integrated with your email auto responder and we include the setup of your 30-day email follow-up sequence; even if prospects don’t schedule an online consult with you straight away, we keep providing them with value and a link to your diary for 30 days until they are ready to get started
  • Online Coaching Platform
    Finally, our online coaching platform takes care of everything you could ever need as an online trainer:
    group coaching and personal 121 coaching support
    – create personalised workout and nutrition plans
    – track client progress
    – share fitness tips and advice in a private online coaching group
    – share your personal coaching guides and video courses
    – online fitness community and challenges to maximise client retention

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