Sports Therapy for Back Pain

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Sports Therapy for Back Pain

How I discovered Sports Therapy

Back pain and a curved back, squinty shoulder, wonky posture and incredibly painful headaches…

This is how I would have described what I now know to be the effects of scoliosis I developed in my teenage years.

Aside from starting to become aware of hunching over my desk, the back pain soon became almost too much to handle whenever I tried to straighten up. It started creeping into my lower back but I can still recall the pain shooting all the way up into my neck and shoulders.

After finding myself being thrown into the side of a hockey pitch during an aggressive tackle at the age of 15, I found myself nursing a sore shoulder and needing to be sent off to recover.

At the time, I didn’t realise quite what I’d done, it just felt like I’d been thrown against the wall pretty hard but I could still move my arm. On the bus home, I remember it starting to ache and then go completely numb.

Fast forward a few days and I could no longer move my arm, something wasn’t right. This prompted my first visit to see a physio and get a proper assessment. It was really no surprise when I learned I’d displaced my shoulder but I had no idea how bad my posture was when he looked over my spine.

After some heat therapy and mobilisations, I was advised to perform some stretches and movements to help it recover. And I didn’t really think much more about it after it started to heal.

Fast forward a few years and the back pain returned. This time I went to see a chiropractor who performed a few quick checks on my spine then gave my back a good crack in several places.

The back pain subsided but I remember a week later it returning much worse than before. My muscles had completely stiffened up and I could hardly move.

I was reluctant to return but I’d been advised I needed at least 5 more sessions to see any permanent improvement. More sharp cracks and more stiffness followed, it was becoming more and more difficult to get a decent sleep and the headaches were getting worse.

After the 4th session, I told him I wouldn’t be coming back.

No more treatment for a few years and slowly the back pain subsided on its own.

Then I sustained another shoulder injury while dragging a casualty out of the pool during a training session, being a lifeguard had its own hazards.

This time, a friend told me about osteopathy and I visited an osteopath. He took an entirely different approach and stretched my muscles while performing some gentle manipulations on the joints. I have to say this greatly improved my posture and for the first time, I noticed how tall I was with a straighter spine! He then recommended sports massage for back pain treatment which I booked with a local therapist at the gym and she was wonderful.

After working for several years in a corporate office job and noticing my posture further deteriorating, I decided it was time to return to education and study more about anatomy and physiology. Not just for my own personal rehab experience but because I wanted to continue to pursue my own professional development as an athlete.

Before I knew it, I had completed my Personal Training certifications and enrolled myself on a DIploma in Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy, noting many similarities and crossovers in the techniques used in osteopathy.

To my amazement, I was able to help others experience almost instant relief from agonising nerve and back pain using the techniques I was learning in my studies.

I realised at that point I had found something very special, and that this was an amazing opportunity to start a new business venture which could really help people. Offering Sports Therapy for back pain and other treatments.

This is how I began my journey with Fitness Is My Life, sharing my knowledge and manual therapy skills to assist my client’s in their performance and recovery.

Do you need any support or advice on sports therapy for back pain or nerve pain? Are you recovering from a recent sports injury?

We now have the capability to operate online using our award-winning online rehab platform to show you how to exercise to recover from injury, improve posture and release pain.

Alternatively, you may wish to schedule a sports therapy appointment to support your recovery.

Click HERE to submit your enquiry.

Supporting you in your health and fitness journey,

Marc Dinardo
Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer Glasgow, UK

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