Kickstart Your Swimming

Going for a dip in the swimming pool doesn’t have to be as gruelling as training for an Olympic medal or cross-channel swim.

Swimming is a brilliant all-round exercise. It benefits the body and the mind and what’s more it’s fun!

It’s good for your health, good for fitness and can help you lose weight. Whatever your age or ability swimming is an option. If you are nervous in the water it’s never too late to have lessons. FIMLCoach offers a range of individual and group lessons for children and adults of all abilities.

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Why Swim With Us?

• Professional 1-2-1 and group swim coaching •

• Adults and children of all abilities catered for •

• Develop correct breathing techniques •

• Improve race starts, flip turns, and streamlining •

• Learn about pacing and increase stroke efficiency •

• Swim faster, stronger – swim with confidence •

• Learn to swim in a fun and safe environment •