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Sports Massage

Award-Winning Sports Massage in Glasgow

Our team of sports massage therapists are specialists in relieving pain and reducing muscle tension in your body to support your recovery back to optimal health and functional performance.

In recognition of our expertise and outstanding reviews, we are proud winners of numerous awards including Most Trusted Sports Injury Clinic – Glasgow by 2020 Global Excellence Awards.

To book your appointment, please call the clinic or use the contact form below. We look forward to supporting you in your health and fitness recovery.

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    I definitely recommend Fitness Is My Life. I went for a sports massage. My neck was sore, as well as my shoulder. Marc did a great job and assessed the issue beforehand. I’m feeling so much better now.”

    S Bellinger

    Great sports massages that really go deep and make a difference to sore and tired muscles. Highly recommended for runners or other sports driven enthusiasts!!”

    D Gault

    Trust me, Marc knows his stuff. I am an ultra runner and have been through a few physios. I have found my guy.”

    S Logan

    Marc is amazing, I work long hours on my feet and am often in lots of pain. Each time I visit he gets massive knots out to the point I feel I could fly home. Don’t suffer get your back seen to!”

    G Cameron

    Sports Massage – Frequently Asked Questions

    A Sports Massage is a style of massage specifically designed to improve function and movement in your muscles and joints, support muscle recovery and prevent injuries.

    The main aims of sports massage are to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension and tightness, increase joint range of movement and aid in muscular recovery and adaptation.

    Please call the clinic or use the form below to book your sports massage and we look forward to seeing you soon.
    From pounding the streets of Glasgow training for this year’s half marathon, to spending hours working at your desk, we all undertake activity that over time has a detrimental impact on our bodies. Sports massage therapy is an excellent form of treatment to correct the imbalances in soft tissue generally arising from such repetitive activity.

    Not only this, sports massage and deep tissue massage are also an excellent form of treatment for any of those unfortunate sports-related injuries – be it a nasty tackle, a nasty fall, or some other form of impact preventing you from being on top of your game.
    Your sports massage treatment will typically begin with a general health consultation and physical assessment to help your therapist understand how best to tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

    Treatment generally begins with gentle, firm pressure to uncover areas of tension. In those tighter areas, your therapist will gradually work deeper into the tissue. Don’t worry, though, communication will be maintained throughout and intensity adjusted to suit your preference and ensure that you’re comfortable.

    On conclusion of the massage, your therapist will likely give you advice on any further treatment, exercises or stretches that may help between sessions, as well as ensure you have plenty of water to drink to flush out those toxins.

    Just so you’re aware, you are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member along to your treatment, and please do let us know if you’d rather be seen by a same sex therapist.
    Not at all. Many of our clients report how relaxing their sports massage sessions are! If the thought of a sports massage being painful is putting you off, you needn’t worry. An experienced therapist knows how to ensure you receive the highest level of care and it is absolutely not about making you suffer.

    Sports massage may entail a range of techniques, some of which can be uncomfortable (but not painful) – namely, the use of deep transverse frictions, as well as the use of trigger point therapy. Don’t worry, though, communication will be maintained throughout and intensity adjusted to suit your preference.
    Both sporting and non-sporting individuals have regular sports massage due to the vast array of benefits it has for the human body. For the sporting population, sports massage aids with performance enhancement, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. For the non-sporting population, sports massage is beneficial for reducing musculoskeletal injuries and muscle tightness due to occupation and/or posture, such as lower back pain, or reducing muscle soreness in the upper back and neck due to long periods of time sat in an office chair.
    Most elite athletes get at least one massage per week. For most amateur athletes who still take their sport and training seriously or regular gym-goers, once a week to once a fortnight is recommended. For most people who do regular light exercise once every two, three or four weeks is usually sufficient.

    For individuals who are in pain or recovering from injury, it is best to seek the advice of your therapist to adjust treatments accordingly. For maintenance purposes, once every 4-8 weeks is usually recommended.

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    For anyone visiting the clinic, please be reassured that we have put in place the very highest of checks and procedures to ensure the clinic remains covid secure.

    As we all become accustomed to new ways of working, we will continue to do everything we possibly can for our community of clients who need our help more than ever!

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