FIMLCoach uses a range of Swedish massage strokes and techniques to provide an appropriate treatment for your needs.

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Performance and Muscular Recovery

Re-energise your muscles

Athletes and those undertaking regular intense exercise can benefit from muscular preparation for upcoming events and competitions or from a recovery treatment to relieve any tension following a hard training session.

Most sporting activities involve the repetitive use of certain muscle groups, which can result in muscle imbalances, changes in ligaments and tendons, and compensatory patterns in the rest of the body. These changes can result in the development of problems within the soft tissues of the body. The aim of sports massage is to reduce the demands placed on the body by specific sports, reduce the time taken to recover from sporting activity and increase the ability of the body to perform the sport. Sports massage is ideal for the younger and older athletes and focuses on flexibility and performance.

45 minutes = £40 | 60 minutes = £50 | 90 minutes = £70



Recharge your mind and body

A relaxation massage is a great way to calm the body and mind – you may be experiencing a more stressful period in your life, have trouble sleeping, or just looking to take some time to unwind and rest.

This style of massage is also great for anyone looking for something to promote effective recovery in their muscles during a rest period in their training regime. Gentle, soothing techniques are used to remove any tension in the muscles and connective tissue and help to relieve the stresses of our busy lifestyles.

It is easy to be aware of the stress in our daily lives, but much harder to know how to change it. Stress is not just in the mind, it causes a physical response in the body which can manifest in our muscles. When stressful events occur repeatedly, the effects multiply and are compounded over time.

Relaxation massage uses deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation techniques to induce a sense of well-being in the patient and relieve the muscle tension caused by stress.

45 minutes = £40 | 60 minutes = £50 | 90 minutes = £70

FIMLCoach Sports Injury Clinic offers a range of treatments to choose from including:

  • Sports Massage Therapy – Assessment & Treatments of all musculoskeletal injuries and conditions
  • Deep Soft Tissue Massage Therapy – application of “deep” pressure onto specific troubled adhesions and problem causing areas
  • Remedial Massage Therapy – a selection of cleansing, therapeutic techniques tailored to Prevent, Maintain and Enhance the healing of your musculoskeletal health and function
  • Vibration Massage Therapy – a powerful, percussive therapy used to warm up the muscles, increase blood flow and alleviate tension
  • Joint Mobilisations – therapeutic passive movements used to attain increased pain-free range of movement in the joint
  • Swedish Massage Therapy – cleansing and relaxing form of massage used to alleviate pain, release stress and alleviate tension
  • Strength & Conditioning for Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation – resistance and functional fitness training to attain increased levels of performance, increased range of movement and physical output