Personal Training

Personal Training

Your time, your terms!

If you would like to...

Lose weight or improve your general fitness and energy levels,
Improve your flexibility, strength and stability,
Reduce your blood pressure, or risk of heart disease,
Reach a goal time for a race or an event,
Regain your confidence and fitness after an injury

Then Marc can recommend a programme personal to you!

First time?

First time?

Let's start on our new fitness journey!

Ready... Set... Go!
Starting your journey with a personal trainer might seem intimidating but my goal is to guide you every step of the way.
I will kick off the first session with a FREE no obligation consultation where we work through your personal fitness goals and aspirations to allow me to plan our first session. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions throughout the consultation and it really is nothing to worry about.
If there are no health concerns and you are happy to proceed, we will begin the fitness assessment, taking the first step in understanding your current level of fitness and focusing on how we can achieve your goals.
I look forward to taking that first step with you on your journey to better health and to improve your quality of life by making small changes around your lifestyle to bring you long-term results.

Motivation & support

Motivation & support

Professional and friendly support

Sure you can! Keep going, I'm right here with you. Let's make every step count.

It’s no secret that staying committed to a long-term training programme can be exhausting and challenging at times.

With Marc’s support at every step of the way, you’ll have everything you need to stay on track.



Why not, you deserve it!

Feeling the burn? Aches and pains that don’t go away?

Marc is a fully qualified and experienced masseur, offering relaxing Swedish massage treatments to help you unwind and give you the time to reflect positively on your training goals.

Regular massage has been found to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost immune function and restore the body's natural balance.

Food Discipline

Food Discipline

Feed Your Active Lifestyle

How you eat is even more important than how you train.

Diet might not be the first thing on your mind when starting your training but it’s important to get right especially when there is so much conflicting advice out there.

During a personal nutrition consultation, Marc can review your food diary and offer advice on what, when, and how much to eat to ensure optimal performance in your training.

Maximize Results

Maximize Results

Exceed Expectations

Visualise your optimal performance, then strive to surpass it

If you are a professional athlete, you already know that to achieve optimal athletic performance, it takes dedication and the mental strength to overcome any obstacle and be recognised as an elite competitor.

Marc will give you the tools and support to follow your personalised sport specific training programme – you will notice improvements in your strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, sleep, recovery and a reduction in the risk of injury.

Kickstart your swimming!

Kickstart your swimming!

Swim faster, stronger – swim with confidence

New to swimming? Preparing for competition? Looking for advice to refine technique?

No matter your level or experience, Marc can help you get the most of your swimming lessons.

If you are new to swimming, Marc will start by introducing you to correct breathing and streamlining techniques to develop your performance in freestyle, back crawl, and breaststroke. For those seeking more advanced competitive swim training, you can learn racing starts, flip turns, pacing, and stroke efficiency.

As an experienced swim instructor and ex-competitive swimmer, Marc knows how to hone in on the small details in your head, arm and leg movements to yield meaningful results - allowing you to swim faster, and farther, while conserving your energy output.

As a ‘non-impact’ sport, swimming is a perfect workout if you are rehabilitating injury, or looking to use the natural water resistance to build muscle strength, lose weight, or improve your cardiovascular fitness.


FIMLCoach offers 121 personal training from home gym studio in Newhaven, Edinburgh.

This private setting offers clients the luxury of dedicated space in which to conduct their training sessions. If the weather is agreeable, many clients enjoy training outdoors along the edge of the harbour at Lighthouse Park.

Are you approaching your later years in life and finally reaching the point where you need some help to assess your fitness needs? Perhaps you were once fighting fit in your youth but have slowed down in recent years.

Or perhaps you’re new to the gym environment and seek a more private space to learn the ropes. I can show you that regardless of your age or experience, you can achieve exceptional functional fitness using a combination of resistance and cardio training.

If you believe you could benefit from losing a few pounds or you would more energy to boost your athletic performance, allow me to help you reach your goals.

121 Personal Training sessions start at £35 per hour

Discounts are available on block bookings.

Ready to book?

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Why Train With FIMLCoach?

• Individual assessment of your current level of fitness at least every 4 weeks

• Professional 1-2-1 training to deliver specific exercise programme for your needs

• Carefully monitored progress to keep you motivated

• Understand what exercises are most effective for your body to achieve your health & fitness goals

• Improve endurance and stamina with increased circulation and greater aerobic capacity

• Learn how to make improvements in your daily nutrition to help you achieve your weight management goals

• Achieve improvements in athletic performance and speed using agility and functional fitness training

• Prevent injury through improved flexibility and joint mobility

• Train in a friendly, supportive environment at a private gym studio

• Learn to enjoy the benefits of leading a healthy, active lifestyle and adopt a more positive outlook on life


FIMLCoach uses a range of Swedish massage strokes and techniques to provide an appropriate treatment for your needs.

Read more about the ‘Healing Power of Massage‘ on our blog.    |    Make an Online Booking Enquiry


Performance and Muscular Recovery

Re-energise your muscles

Athletes and those undertaking regular intense exercise can benefit from muscular preparation for upcoming events and competitions or from a recovery treatment to relieve any tension following a hard training session.

Most sporting activities involve the repetitive use of certain muscle groups, which can result in muscle imbalances, changes in ligaments and tendons, and compensatory patterns in the rest of the body. These changes can result in the development of problems within the soft tissues of the body. The aim of sports massage is to reduce the demands placed on the body by specific sports, reduce the time taken to recover from sporting activity and increase the ability of the body to perform the sport. Sports massage is ideal for the younger and older athletes and focuses on flexibility and performance.

45 minutes = £35 | 60 minutes = £40 | 90 minutes = £50



Recharge your mind and body

A relaxation massage is a great way to calm the body and mind – you may be experiencing a more stressful period in your life, have trouble sleeping, or just looking to take some time to unwind and rest.

This style of massage is also great for anyone looking for something to promote effective recovery in their muscles during a rest period in their training regime. Gentle, soothing techniques are used to remove any tension in the muscles and connective tissue and help to relieve the stresses of our busy lifestyles.

It is easy to be aware of the stress in our daily lives, but much harder to know how to change it. Stress is not just in the mind, it causes a physical response in the body which can manifest in our muscles. When stressful events occur repeatedly, the effects multiply and are compounded over time.

Relaxation massage uses deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation techniques to induce a sense of well-being in the patient and relieve the muscle tension caused by stress.

45 minutes = £35 | 60 minutes = £40 | 90 minutes = £50

Kickstart Your Swimming

Going for a dip in the swimming pool doesn’t have to be as gruelling as training for an Olympic medal or cross-channel swim.

Swimming is a brilliant all-round exercise. It benefits the body and the mind and what’s more it’s fun!

It’s good for your health, good for fitness and can help you lose weight. Whatever your age or ability swimming is an option. If you are nervous in the water it’s never too late to have lessons. FIMLCoach offers a range of individual and group lessons for children and adults of all abilities.

Read more about ‘Why Swimming is Great for Your Health‘ on our blog.



Why Swim With Us?

• Professional 1-2-1 and group swim coaching • • Adults and children of all abilities catered for • • Develop correct breathing techniques • • Improve race starts, flip turns, and streamlining • • Learn about pacing and increase stroke efficiency • • Swim faster, stronger – swim with confidence • • Learn to swim in a fun and safe environment •