You may have seen my FB post a couple of days ago where I asked you to challenge me to complete a push-up for every like I received.

The post received 17 likes plus 5 shares so I pushed myself to complete 5 x 17 (85) push-ups using combination of basic, spiderman, diamond and explosive plyo techniques.

So I completed my push-up challenge last night – sadly the video quality wasn’t great as it got dark a lot quicker than I expected but still posting as proof I got it done (scroll down for clip).

Your Next Challenge

Image: £5 and £10 Forever vouchers to be won!

To those of you who liked and shared my post and to my followers, I want to challenge you to attempt any one of those push-up techniques and post a photo or video to my Facebook page titled ‘Fitness Challenge – Push-Ups‘ showing me your best push-up technique.

You and your friends can be in with a chance of winning £5 and £10 Forever Living gift vouchers if you post before 31st October 2015.

Best of luck guys!