Online Fitness Classes: Improve Your Fitness At Home

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Online Fitness Classes: Improve Your Fitness At Home

Register For Online Fitness Classes For Stay-At-Home Mums

Women are multitaskers! They seamlessly perform household chores and manage their office work simultaneously. Regardless of their career goals, some just love staying home with the kids and being a homemaker while others enjoy working in an office. As a woman approaches her 30’s and later in life, there are some noticeable changes in her body. Backache, knee pain, and low mood may be some of the more common health problems facing women today. Luckily, we can show you a fun way to delay those complaints and get in shape.

All thanks to technology. Now anyone can enrol in Online Fitness Classes with Fitness Is My Life. Those who don’t have time to maintain their diet or have no idea how to execute their fitness plan can sign up to work with a personal coach.

Register for a free VIP account today (or unlock Fitness On Demand and full functionality with a PRO account).

Once registered, you can download our award-winning fitness application on your smartphone and you’ll have instant access to a complete diet plan and exercise tutorial. If you need any extra personalised support, you’ll have the option to contact your coach directly from the app so they can guide you better.

With literally millions of fitness apps on the market to choose from, Fitness Is My Life has all of your needs covered in a single app. Our online coaching platform features live Fitness Classes, direct access to your coach 24/7, nutrition planning tools, extensive exercise library, progress tracking, mindset tools, pre-recorded Fitness on Demand workouts, fitness challenges and a supportive online fitness community. Create your personal account with our fitness and health application today and start giving your fitness levels a boost.

Our Fitness Classes are a great way for busy mums to stay motivated, get fit and achieve the results they want in between looking after the kids and working from home.

Looking for extra support to get started?

Email or use our online contact form to get in touch with us.

Marc Dinardo
Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer Glasgow, UK

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