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Glasgow’s Best Personal Training Service

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Glasgow’s Fitness Studio of the Year leads the way in taking Personal Training Services into the digital arena

Fitness Is My Life is the Glasgow based fitness studio of Marc Dinardo BSc (Hons) DRSM DSM, a former engineer who turned his life around when he decided to move into the fitness market. We invited Marc to tell us more about his personal journey and how he hopes to use his success to inspire others.

Article written by Hannah Stevenson, Awards Editorial Manager, SME UK Enterprise Awards 2019

Since 2015 Fitness Is My Life has been leading the way in helping our clients achieve incredible, life-changing results in their health and fitness.

Founder and Fitness Leader Marc started Fitness Is My Life upon the decision to leave behind a career working in a technology-focused role as a Software Engineer. At the time he worked within the Investment Banking market, and as such he has taken this experience and used it to integrate technology into every aspect of managing his business and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Today, Marc’s focus and passion for fitness coupled with the desire to continue pushing the limitations of technology is very apparent when clients download and start using the Fitness Is My Life fitness and nutrition app. This unique solution features an intuitive interface and ability to cater to the needs of a wide range of clients. Marc talks us through the solution in more detail and explores how his programmes and services are driving change for a variety of clients.

“Here at Fitness Is My Life, we take a holistic, scientific approach to supporting clients reach their health and wellbeing goals with nutritional support, mindset coaching and personalised training plans. With our tailored personal approach, our trainers can apply their expert scientific knowledge to working with a wide range of clients from sedentary office workers to high performance athletes.”

Client using TRX to follow their workout on the Fitness is My Life App.

Training with Fitness Is My Life online workouts at the gym

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“These unique training programmes take a twist on traditional strength and conditioning approaches with cutting-edge research in sports therapy and nutrition to target specific aspects of fitness to improve personal performance for everyday activities and sports-specific benefits. This includes expert knowledge of functional training methods to restore optimal range of movement which when combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) we can achieve greater levels of fat loss while promoting healthy lean muscle development. Above all, our workouts are challenging but fun and most importantly, get the results our clients want. This is our constant goal here at Fitness Is My Life.”

Over the years Marc has grown his business to focus more on the physical journey of his clients, as opposed to the end result. This drive towards functional training, with sports therapy integrated into it, is unique to the market, as Marc is proud to highlight.

“Unique to the fitness market, at Fitness Is My Life we put our clients first and work with them to achieve their individual goals. Most of our clients start their fitness journey by accepting their first body transformation challenge with us, but completing the challenge is only the first step to making positive lifestyle changes that create long-term impact on their health and wellbeing. We know that completing one of our challenges takes more than commitment, it takes real dedication and a desire to want to change. That takes more than just physical determination, it takes a strength of character and a winning mindset. Developing this mindset throughout the challenge with our online coaching videos and tutorials is how we are not only able to help our clients achieve the results they do but how we are able to take our clients to the next step of achieving long-term adherence to a training plan and achieving long-lasting results.

“Focusing on the client and their long-term health and wellbeing is not typical of many fitness bootcamps or training programmes available on the market today; many may promise short-term results, but few can be shown to have the positive long-term impact on a person’s health that we can. Also, the training programme we have developed at Fitness Is My Life can be scaled to operate globally with our online platform and tools available to anyone with a phone and Internet access, allowing us to work alongside an incredibly wide range of clients that many fitness providers simply cannot reach.”

Overall, as in many industries, in the fitness market the core ongoing focus will be on technology and using this to support even more clients. As such, looking ahead Fitness Is My Life will be focusing on driving even greater use of technology in its gym and seeking to support clients around the world using its unique digital solutions, as Marc is excited to conclude. “Seeking to build upon our current success, moving forward at Fitness Is My Life will be constantly reviewing the range of fitness products and services we can provide online to grow our online fitness community and inspire more people around the world to look after their health.”

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Fitness Studio of the Year and Best Personal Training Service in Glasgow certificate.
Fitness Is My Life awarded Fitness Studio of the Year 2019 – Glasgow and Best Personal Training Service 2019 – Glasgow by SME UK Enterprise Awards
Marc Dinardo
Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer Glasgow, UK

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