Personal Training Glasgow

Personal Training Glasgow

Helping You Get In Shape and Stay In Shape with Personal Training at Fitness Is My Life.

Have you been wanting to get fit all this time but not sure how to start? Have you been putting off training for a while and now you feel you’re too far gone? Or maybe you just feel stuck in a fitness routine that delivers no results? Feeling intimidated or stuck in a routine is normal but doesn’t have to be that way!

Find out how our Personal Training Glasgow service can help you.

121 Personal Training Glasgow

Get the long-lasting results you want, FAST!

Working 121 with a personal trainer is without a doubt the best way to stay focused and motivated during your training.

Improve Your Core

Feel Stronger

Move Better

All of our Personal Training Glasgow packages include the following:

  • Fitness level assessment and goal analysis,
  • 1-2-1 training sessions with your Personal Trainer at our private fitness studio,
  • Customised training program to fit your goals and busy schedule,
  • Nutrition plan tailored to your preferences, intolerances and allergies,
  • Access to our premium online coaching Fitness Is My Life App (available in iOS and Android),
  • Exclusive benefits and discounts for our Sports Therapy, Massage and Injury Clinic.

Once signed up to one of our Personal Training packages, you will have your new Fitness and Nutrition plan available at the palm of your hand with the Fitness Is My Life App, so you can take your fitness journey anywhere you want!

But that’s not it!

We understand that working out in the gym or at home isn’t as simple for some! The first step in your fitness journey is just as much mental as it is physical. At Fitness Is My Life, our Personal Trainers take a holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals. We don’t just offer you training and nutrition support, but we also offer mental support as we believe a sustainable balance of mental and physical health is essential in succeeding in this new journey.

Invest in your fitness journey and let’s embark on this new venture together!

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