Personal Training

Personal Training


Helping You Get In Shape and Stay In Shape with Personal Training at Fitness Is My Life. Have you reached a point where you need some help to assess your fitness needs to achieve a COMPLETE HEALTH TRANSFORMATION? Whether you’re completely new to the gym environment or an athlete wanting to perform at the top of your game, personal training can help you achieve exceptional functional fitness using a combination of high intensity resistance, strength and conditioning and cardio training. If you believe you could benefit from losing a few pounds or you want to boost your athletic performance, allow us to help you reach your goals. Join Marc and the team to push your fitness levels to the max, shed pounds, drop inches, gain lean muscle and give your energy levels a boost. Our focus is giving you a challenging workout plan, specific to your ability, to leave you feeling stronger and fitter, regardless of your previous training experience. We offer 121 training options or small group training packages, as detailed below:

Train 121

Get the results you want, FAST! Working 121 with a trainer is without a doubt the best way to stay focused and motivated during your training. Following an initial consultation and fitness assessment, your trainer will design and guide you through an exercise programme specific to your goals.

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Small Group Training

Challenge your mates... Grab a friend or two and watch your fitness levels soar as you take on fun group challenges during your training. Your trainer will guide you through your workouts and track your overall progress towards your goals. Exercises will be tailored to individual needs during the workouts.