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Online Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching - train at home or from the gym with a Personal Trainer in your pocket. Home workouts, fitness app, personal fitness goals
Online Coaching | Fitness Is My Life

Online Fitness Coaching with a Personal Trainer

Achieve your goals with Fitness Is My Life Online Coaching.

Sign up to our online coaching programmes and get access to our exclusive Fitness Is My Life App available on Android and iOS, so you can take your journey anywhere and have control over your fitness at the palm of your hand.

Online workout plans and nutrition tracking

Team up with a personal trainer at Fitness Is My Life. You will discuss your goals and current fitness levels as well as receive your very own personal workout plan, a tailored nutrition guide and access to our exclusive online fitness community for 24h motivational support all year round.

Personalised Workout Plans

Is your goal to lose weight, reduce body fat, gain lean muscle or just working on your general fitness? We have the workout plan just for you: with access to our exclusive exercise library, and Fitness On Demand, we’re 100% certain that this is the only online coaching app you’ll ever need.

Tailor-made Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is everything! Get the key to achieving the results you want without overly restrictive diets. Use our digital nutrition planner to track your daily calorie intake and macronutrients for better and quicker results. Simply fill in your nutrition goals and the app will do everything for you! Calorie counting has never been this easy!

Set Goals and Track Progress

Track your progress with our advanced goal system. This feature allows you to set goals for your body weight, burnt calories per week, body fat and more so you can stay on track. You can also join our fun exercise challenges and see your progress within, because we believe in a little healthy competition within our fitness community.

Supportive Online Community

Join our supportive online fitness community and stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Nothing keeps your more motivated in days that you’re not feeling 100%, than connecting with those who may be in the same boat. Connect with like-minded people within our online coaching fitness community and stay motivated to keep on track with 24h support from our members and trainers.

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