Meet my friends Steven and Keisha who have achieved incredible results with their new cleansing routines! All I can say is way to go Steven and Keisha, you are both truly amazing and an incredible inspiration to the rest of us looking to make massive changes in our lives.

Here’s what they have to say about their journey…

“I started this amazing nutrition system 4 months ago. It’s been the best thing I could have possibly ever done for my body and mind. I’ve lost 3 stone and 5 inches from my waist. I have unbelievable amounts of energy and I sleep fantastic. I’ve got complete clarity and I’m totally focused. If you haven’t started this system yet, all I can say is ‘JUST DO IT’.” – Steven Walker

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“Hi everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the holidays and living a fun healthy life! I’ve been hearing from many of you getting worried about a few things like: what happens after the 30 days? What do I do after I reach my goal? Will I gain all of my weight back?

Well here’s the thing that you need to remember regardless of where you are in your cleansing journey. This is a lifestyle! This is NOT a diet! This is NOT a race! This system is a very valuable tool to show us how to live a clean, healthy, life worth living. This is a complete lifestyle.

With that being said I will make some confessions. I hit 110 lbs weight loss in less than 12 months I lost over 276 total body inches all by following the plan. BUT I lived my life. You bet I had cheat days BUT I had my shakes everyday and cleansed regularly.

Now after hitting my half way goal I’ve been a little more relaxed. Not cleansing as much as I know my body needs. Only having a shake a day. Not eating as clean as I should. BAD RIGHT? Yes my body isn’t as happy as it could be. But if you’re waiting for me to say “and sadly I’ve gained a lot of my weight back!” Well…

That is absolutely NOT what I am going to say! Because I knew from the beginning that this is a lifestyle! I’ve been able to remember that everything is ok in moderation. Because the system never ever ever tells us to eliminate full food groups because it completely cleanses and changes our taste buds I have been able to maintain my weight loss with little effort at all.

Because the system has made my body cleansed on a cellular level from the inside out. My body tells me when enough is enough. What tastes good and what doesn’t and when it NEEDS a good cleanse! Because I still continue to fuel my body with optimal nutrition first thing in the morning to get me off to a great start. I am able to make good decisions throughout my day.

So what I am saying is don’t be afraid to start this system because you have huge goals. Don’t be afraid to start Isa because you are scared its a diet like every other one you’ve tried and failed and gained all your weight back. Don’t be afraid to start a new system because you will only be able to possibly afford the 30 day system and then may only be able to buy shakes alone after that. (You never know you may be getting paid to drink this nutrition soon 😉 – don’t believe me, ask Marc how! )

Don’t be afraid while using this system because your goals aren’t coming as quickly as you want or as quickly as others! They will come and this is your journey! Don’t be afraid while you are using this system that you will gain weight if you eat just that one bite of cheeseburger! It doesn’t happen like that!

Don’t be afraid while using this system because you feel like you are wasting money on a diet! Again this is a lifestyle! You are spending money on the gift of life! You are giving your body another chance to live it’s absolute healthiest life!

Basically there’s no fear in the system! Just an amazing full life! So go for it!

Now my pics! Day one of starting my cleanse, hitting my half way weight loss goal of 110 lbs, and me now just living life maintaining until I want to run again towards my goal. 🙂

Happy free living friends!” – Keisha

Why is cleansing so good for you?

Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

While weight loss is an evidence-supported benefit of intermittent fasting, it’s not the only one. New research shows that regularly engaging in intermittent fasting (or Cleanse Days) can significantly improve cognition and possibly support brain health as we age—all the more reason why Cleanse Days should be thought of as lifelong habits rather than used as a short-term solution.

The recent study was conducted by researchers at Kaiser Permanente Colorado and reported at Obesity Week—a prestigious conference held annually. In the randomized, pilot study, 26 obese subjects were divided into two groups: an intermittent fasting group that fasted every other day with no calorie restrictions on “feeding” days and a group that followed a standard weight loss diet.

After two months, subjects in the fasting group lost the same amount of body weight than those who followed a standard diet without fasting (an average of 6.5 percent body weight compared to 5.75 percent, respectively). However, four months after the intermittent portion of the study was complete, researchers checked back in with the subjects and found that those who had engaged in intermittent fasting lost more weight, especially visceral fat, and had greater improvements in cognitive function than those who did not fast.

William Troy Donahoo, Ph.D., the lead researcher of the study, believes that one of two things could have caused this result. First, the people in the study could have continued some form of fasting after the study had ended. Second, fasting could have caused an improved metabolic state that offered delayed benefits. Per an article in Medpage Today, Donahoo theorizes that fasting could have altered the metabolism of subjects so they were, “more flexible shifting between carbs and fat for fuel, or less leptin resistant.”

In addition to continued weight loss, researchers found that subjects who fasted had significant cognitive improvements, specifically improvements in memory, compared to the other group. Also, fasting subjects showed trends of increased brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), a marker of cognitive function.

Links between brain health and intermittent fasting have been studied for over a decade. Mark Mattson, Ph.D., of the National Institute on Aging has published many articles outlining cognitive improvements in mice; however, this is the first study showing similar outcomes in humans.

Donahoo went on to conclude that this research provides, “preliminary evidence of enduring visceral fat-reducing and cognition-enhancing alternate-day intermittent fasting in humans.”

Ready to start your body transformation?

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Gozansky et al. Intermittent fasting reduces abdominal obesity and improves cognitive function in obese adults. Obesity Week, 2013; Abstract P-537.