Client Review: Beth


Client Review: Beth

My First 6 Months with Marc

Since last August, I hadn’t been eating as well as I was eating while doing Whole30 (or mostly Whole30) for about six months, and I had gained back more weight than I was happy with.

“I have never really enjoyed fitness or working out, I always tried my best to stay healthy but I put on 80 pounds after my husband passed away! I really needed help! And I’m so glad I put my trust in Marc to help turn things around.”

“Most people don’t believe it’s me. However please see I have the same shirt on, its just tied in the back. The one on the left was taken in September 2018 at the suicide prevention walk in memory of my husband, the second 1 year on after I started working with Marc.”

Even after I started with Whole30, in general I was still feeling really run down, energy-wise. The supposed energy boost is one of the main things that attracted me to do Whole30 in the first place last winter, but even after months eating that way, I still felt tired a lot of the time. I even went to the doctor to get bloods checked in October, and it didn’t reveal anything.

Over the past couple of years I have been listening to my friend Marc talk about how he had always struggled with bloating, indigestion and gastric inflammation before starting using Isagenix products, and then how wonderful he feels now. In October, I was feeling like I’d tried everything else, including eating the most healthy way possible while doing Whole30, so I decided that I had nothing to lose, and Marc helped me sign up as a Preferred Customer so I managed to get quite a significant discount on the products and give it a try.

My Initial Order

Marc recommended that I start with the 30 Day Weight Loss Pack, which provides general nutrition for a month. It includes a variety of products to get you started, and then you can decide which products you like and what you want to keep doing longer term.

I had some concerns because I am such a picky eater. I don’t like chocolate, and a lot of their products are flavoured as chocolate. But I was able to make it work with just using vanilla and strawberry flavored items in the 30 Day System. It comes with the following:

  • 4 packs of shake mixes – each 14 servings (I choose 2 vanilla, 2 strawberry)
  • 1 bottle of Ionix Supreme – super food powder to help with stress and boosts your immune system (this only comes in 1 flavor)
  • 1 bottle Thermo GX tablets to boost metabolism
  • 1 bottle IsaMove tablets to flush your digestive tract – yes they do what they say they do!
  • 2 bottles of Nourish for Life (more about this later)
  • 1 bottle “Snacks” – to balance blood sugars, great if you are diabetic like me

I also ordered some vitamins (Forever Daily) because I was really feeling like my body didn’t have the nutrients it needed to function. Even the most healthy food doesn’t always have the vitamins our bodies need because our soil is so deprived.

The Program

How Isagenix works is you have 6 “shake days” per week and 1 “cleanse day”. They recommend that you start with at least two shake days before attempting a cleanse. The basic Isagenix schedule is fairly simple to follow, but I still sometimes have to reference it on cleanse days.

Marc also gave me some simple exercises and stretches to do everyday as he emphasised the importance of staying physically active and I have to say I was surprised I found I still had the energy to do the exercises and quite enjoyed the workouts after a few weeks, mostly some bodyweight exercises at home although we started to introduce weights when I felt comfortable giving it a go.

After a few months I managed to build up the courage to start going to the gym and again with Marc’s support, I realised I could enjoy the classes and started making some new friends.

Shake Days

  • Breakfast – Shake
  • Morning Snack – Thermo GX, 100 calories of protein along with some veggies
  • Lunch – normal meal aka “fork food”
  • Afternoon Snack – Thermo GX, 100 calories of protein along with some veggies
  • Dinner – Shake
  • Bedtime – 1-2 IsaMove tablets (for bowel regularity)

Cleanse Days

Four times throughout the day you drink the Nourish for Life liquid, which actually tastes great. It’s the worst part of this whole lifestyle though going without foods on cleanse days. Then in between drinks, three times a day, you can eat 2 “snack” tablets. They’re nutrient packed wafers that aren’t too bad and do surprisingly curb your hunger.

My First Month’s Experience

I almost threw up the first day because the milk taste of the vanilla shake stayed with me all morning, and I really didn’t like it. This was partly my fault because I didn’t put any ice in it when I mixed it up, and it tasted like warm, melted milk shake. I had strawberry that first evening, and it was so delicious. Marc recommended that I mix the two together (one scoop of each), and then it mostly tastes like strawberry, so I did that a lot too. Although after my first cleanse day, the vanilla shake tasted amazing.

I used a lot of the recipes I had found during Whole30 to cook healthy meals for myself when I started using this program. Jim had decided to eat low carb again around the same time, so that worked well for us. And while this program allows you to eat “normal” meals, I didn’t want to keep eating junk.

The meal prep is much more manageable with Isagenix than with Whole30 because I only have to have one full meal and then two snacks per day. It was a bit of an adjustment to buy that much less food and to plan so few meals. You can swap lunch and dinner, which I do quite often, so that your fork food is at night. I normally cook a couple of dinners per week and then have left overs for lunch. Or if I know I’m going out to dinner – for book club or whatever – then I have a shake for lunch that day.

The first few weeks I was really hungry all the time, and after one not-so-nice episode where I completely lost it on Jim because he forgot to cook his assigned dinner one night (I get seriously hangry, people), I had to adjust the amount of protein calories in my snacks. Since then I have been eating about 30g of protein per snack, and it’s working MUCH better.

The biggest surprise was how much the cleanse days have helped with my energy. I have skipped cleansing twice (going two weeks instead of one week in between cleanse days), and I noticed that when I haven’t done my cleanse I feel super tired again. I don’t really subscribe to the idea of “toxins” building up in my body, but they also say the cleanse day is good for resetting your metabolism, and I think there must be some truth in that.

The Results

I was pretty sceptical about this whole thing, but I do feel like my energy is better than it was before. I wake up most mornings feeling like I am ready to face the day – unless I stayed up too late the night before or drank alcohol. I have given up caffeine again without a problem. And I don’t feel like I’ve been saying, “I’m so tired” when Jim asks me how I’m feeling in the evenings.

And, added bonus, I’ve lost 12 pounds now in two months. Nine pounds in the first month. And also a lot of inches based on a variety of measurements (weight, bust, thigh, arm, etc.). My clothes are fitting better, which is always good.

My Second Month’s Experience

I didn’t feel like 30 days was a sufficient time period to really determine whether this system was working, so I placed a second order. The only change I made was I didn’t order the IsaMove pills again, actually I stopped taking them after the first 2 weeks because I have the opposite problem, so I’ve added some Forver Fiber sticks instead.

I was less happy with the amount of added sugar (fructose) in all of the products, so I ordered two packs of the dairy free shakes the second month because they have only 7 grams of sugar vs. the 11 grams in the dairy shakes. I usually have one of each type per day. The dairy free come in Vanilla Chai and Chocolate, which are both super tasty. Although they don’t mix as well just by shaking with water and ice, and I’m too lazy to use a blender. But I’ve gotten used it now, and I realy like the Vanilla Chai the best now.

I’ve been a little less stringent about the fork foods I’m eating. Allowing myself more alcohol, pizza occasionally, etc. Also, if I’m extra hungry, then I add in a third snack some days – usually before or after dinner. I am still losing some weight and about the same amount of inches each month, so I am feeling good about that. I need to find a good balance between being healthy with my eating and also being reasonable, so I don’t want to binge on junk periodically.

Long Term Plan

Jim keeps asking me if I am going to continue eating this way forever. The answer is that I don’t know. Probably not, but for now it’s working for me, and I’m feeling pretty great. I am now just about to complete my first IsaBody Challenge and I can’t wait to see how much I’ve lost overall. I feel like a completely new woman! We’ll see how things go. I think I will probably keep this up for another couple of months, and then maybe I’ll try just one shake a day (breakfast) and see if that helps me feel goof longer term. We’ll see.

Have you ever tried Isagenix? Do you have any questions?

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Marc Dinardo
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