Please join me in extending a very warm welcome to Joe Dean-Bryson, the Founder of Carefree Coaching, who will be joining our team at Fitness Is My Life to offer mindset and health coaching.

joe dean-bryson mindset coaching“I’m learning to let go. To let people be. To accept their rejection of me.
What really helps in doing this is allowing yourself to feel hurt.
We cannot be in pain forever right?
Your future actions are based upon how you deal with the present.
Welcome in the pain, be strong, and know that it won’t last forever.”

Hi, I’m Joe. I am 25 years old and based in Cambridge, UK. I help individuals to become more successful, confident, and happy in their lives. With a background in sports coaching, and a huge personal passion for staying fit and healthy, I work specifically within the sports and fitness industry, helping people to become beasts in the gym, but also in their personal and business life. I graduated from Loughborough University with a Masters in Sport Psychology in 2015, since then I have been discovering the techniques and strategies used by highly successful people all over the globe and implementing it in my own life.

I’m hugely excited to be sharing my new Health Coaching Program, helping the average gym goer to get more focused in their training and ultimately gain more enjoyment and fulfilment from a healthier lifestyle. Let’s be honest, for those of us that like eating crap and watching Netflix, the thought of dragging ourselves to the gym can often be a treacherous one. Before I dramatically changed my mindset and lifestyle, I was someone who flirted with the gym, but never really had the motivation to maintain any consistency, and never saw significant results.

joe-fitness-gymIt was only when I became more lifestyle orientated that I started to shed excess fat, put on some bulk, and generally feel great in my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a fairly fit guy, but it was only because of my passion for sport. Backtrack to 2 or 3 years ago, I had no consideration for my body, what I was putting into it in terms of nutrition and hydration. I looked in shape, but I was far from being in optimal health, I felt sluggish and lacking in energy. This didn’t really do wonders for me and my business. I was also someone who measured my worth based upon whether I had abs or not, by achieving a better body and realising that it wasn’t the answer to all my problems, I became more focused on understanding where I could draw more confidence from. One of those areas which seemed most appropriate to me, given my love for sport and mindset, was moving my business towards this market.

The biggest shift that happened for me was getting very specific about the lifestyle I wanted to create for myself. In my program I help people to understand their own personal vision for their health and wellness.

abs-challengeThis is hugely critical because it’s so tempting to compare yourself to others in the fitness world. Let’s say you go to a fairly commercial gym, you will see many ripped people, and then when you start to get into it a bit, all you see on social media is perfect bodies. It’s easy to compare yourself and make it all about the way your body looks. My program is all about helping you to understand that by focusing on the final outcome, a better body, you miss out on a potentially epic journey. There is so much variety in exercise, nutrition and wellness if the focus is on enjoyment of the process.

It’s much easier said than done to stay focused on our own lane, and that’s why my program is jam packed with practical strategies that can be used to gain clarity and power not only in your health goals, but also in every other area of your life. The main focus is on being aware of what makes us tick as people and helping people to have a strategy and plan in place so that less willpower is needed, cause we all know that with our busy lives, that motivation can sometimes be lacking!

Health and Wellness Coaching Program

Session 1

Vision: Healthy and active lifestyle

What type of exercise? What type of foods? What would your body look like? What kind of activities could you do if you were more healthy/active?

Session 2

Wheel of Health

Analysis of different areas associated with health and wellness. Targets and goals for improvement based upon priorities.

Session 3

Time Management and Planning: Food and exercise plan

Fitting in time for hobbies and interests and relaxation. Identifying different ways to keep health and wellness interesting and then integrating this.

Session 4

Reflection and Clarity: Reviewing progress so far

What is going well in your training, what is challenging. Use these reflections to arrive at solutions to aid progression and set new goals.

  • 4 x 45 minute session on zoom/skype
  • Homework Tasks
  • Weekly Exercises

Half price offer for limited time only: £125

To claim your free discovery session and to enquire about my new health coaching program please contact me:

Mobile: 07730371366

Email: [email protected]

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