Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Our Approach to Healthy Eating…

How many times have you heard that you cannot out train a poor diet?

The right amount of calories and macronutrient intake plays the most important role in achieving your fitness goals: whether it is weight loss and fat loss or building muscle and strength as well and lean out and feel stronger and better than ever.

Tracking our total food intake is the easiest and most reliable way to lose body fat (with no or minimum muscle loss) and/or gain lean body mass (with no or minimum fat gain).

Keeping track of macronutrients and calories is also the best way to teach yourself what your body needs to perform at its best, what deficiencies you may have in your diet and overall help you stay healthy and focused on your fitness journey.

We believe that you CAN have the best of both worlds!

So, what is ultimately your goal?


It’s not just about cutting back on calories! At Fitness Is My Life, we take a holistic approach to nutrition and eating right.

No more crash diets that don’t deliver long lasting results. Boost your energy levels, while losing a few inches and feeling great inside and out with our exclusive guide to Fat Loss.

Remember, it’s all about balance!


Looking to feel stronger than ever and gaining lean muscle mass? At Fitness Is My Life we believe that a combination of the right nutrition plan alongside strength and resistance training is the key to everything.

Our guide has been created to help you build that perfect physique you’re after whilst helping you stay on track with your nutrition.

Unlock the body you always wanted now!


Still Have Questions?

Are you looking for personal support in helping you prepare the perfect nutrition plan to support your fitness goals?

We can create a customised nutrition programme planned specifically to your fitness goals taking into account your preferences, intolerances and allergies.

Invest in your nutrition and start healthy eating with our help!