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Get Active To Support Amputees In Need

Here at Fitness Is My Life we want to help transform lives through staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This is why we’re launching the #GetActiveAndGiveBack campaign throughout November to encourage our local community to stay active and raise funds to support local amputees in need.

Finding your Feet is a community where people can give and receive support in equal measure, they believe that forming relationships with peers and being part of a friendship network is one of the most powerful ways to reduce isolation, which has been proven to be a contributing factor to life expectancy in the amputee community.

To get involved, we are asking our friends and family to set a personal daily activity goal and to stay active throughout November to raise funds for Finding Your Feet.

We’ll have weekly leaderboards and shoutouts to encourage participation and motivation to keep going.

In addition, one of our new partners Puratae has offered to donate the profits from every superfood smoothie purchased in November towards this challenge.

Our hope is to promote the combined benefits of healthy meals and active lifestyles to transform lives.


How To Register

Step 1: Create your Get Active And Give Back Challenge account

Step 2: Check your inbox for an account activation link

Step 3: Download the Fitness Is My Life app

Step 4: Join the #GetActiveAndGiveBack challenge

Step 5: Get Active – set your personal daily activity goal

Step 6: Give Back – Donate through the Just Giving account page:

Check in on our weekly leaderboard and encourage your friends and family to support you in reaching your goal.

Get Active And Get Started Today

Click the button below to join the challenge!


Get Active. Transform Your Life. Transform The Lives Of Others.

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