Fitness Class Trial Pass

fitness class trial pass

Fitness Class Trial Pass

Discover Our New Fitness Classes Class Trial Pass

Unlock your 10-day trial pass with Fitness Is My Life to help you ease back into a regular fitness routine coming out of lockdown.


We have a full timetable of group exercise classes in Glasgow City Centre.

Is it time to get back into a new rhythm as we return to normal?

Access over 50 fitness classes per week on our new and improved class timetable.

Check out our classes and timetable below:

Try out Fitness Class Trial Pass

Functional fitness class designed to get your muscles moving

Release stress and anxiety with this fun boxing-style workout

High-intensity cardio workout to get your sweat on and burn calories

Tone up with this full body
conditioning kettlebells class

Resistance training to improve
overall strength and muscle tone

Challenge and strengthen your core muscles for improved posture

Stretch and lengthen your muscles to improve overall flexibility

An explosive workout to leave you feeling pumped and refreshed

Relax and tap into your zen with our mindfulness yoga classes

Work at your own pace in our fun circuits class, stations for all levels

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Fitness Class Trial Pass includes:

  • Access to your PRO fitness account for additional exercise and nutrition support
  • Online class bookings using our dedicated smartphone app
  • Small class sizes for enhanced support
  • Additional 10% discount on all personal training and sports massage services
  • Plus loads of fun challenges and activities in our supportive fitness community
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Fitness Class Trial Pass Timetable
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What happens after my fitness class trial pass ends?

Most of our members choose to join one of our monthly fitness/yoga memberships or transfer onto our Revive bootcamp programme for additional support.


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