Features & Support

Features & Support

Say Goodbye to Paper Training Plans

Forget about using spreadsheets or paper for your Training Plans. With our Workout Editor, you can create digital plans by choosing over 5000 3D exercises and send them direct to your clients smartphone. Additionally, you can duplicate training plans in order to save lots of time for the creation of new plans.

✔ Create digital training plans
✔ World’s largest exercise database with 5,000+ animated exercises
✔ Save time by creating and duplicating templates

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Extensive Exercise Library with Activity Scheduling

Allow your clients to create their own workouts using our extensive exercise library.

✔ Interactive exercise videos
✔ Search exercises by muscle group and equipment needed
✔ Schedule exercises in your Activity Calendar to track progress

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Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals

Personal Training clients love to see results, what better way to showcase their results beyond physical changes than by letting them see their own progress charts. Featuring a range of metrics including activity levels, nutrition profiling and more, celebrate your client’s achievements and keep them motivated to continue training with you.

✔ Dashboards and graphs with statistics
✔ 250+ measurement metrics available
✔ Spot client’s trends at a glance

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Improve Your Client’s Nutrition Habits

All fitness professionals agree that nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to reaching workout goals. With nutrition coaching software you can help your clients understand what foods they should be consuming. By checking the nutritional values of the food they consume, they’re better able to understand how their diet influences training results.

✔ Quickly create digital food plans
✔ Clear overview of nutritional values per meal
✔ Accessible from the mobile app
✔ Suitable for every workout goal

Quickly Create Meal Plans with Nutrition Coaching Software

Creating a personalized meal plan doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. With Fitness Is My Life, you can access a database with over 100,000+ products. Make use of our standard meal plans or create your own food templates to assign to clients. You can also upsell this feature to your clients.

✔ Upsell possibilty
✔ Food database with 100,000+ products
✔ Standard meal plans or personalize your own

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    FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can use our workout scheduling software?

    This app can be used by either individual trainers or gyms. Personal trainers can easily manage information for custom training plans, and users can easily create fitness goals. The features in this app enable trainers to track progress, measure fitness goals, monitor the lifestyle habits of his/her clients, and access other information on their clients’ profiles.

    What is included in the exercise library?

    Using our Coach Lite package, you will have access to 500 of our most popular animated exercise clips. Using our Coach Pro or Coach Premium packages, you will have access to all 5000+ animated exercise clips. Our exercises feature a wide range of equipment including barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells as well as resistance bands, medicine balls and foam rollers. There is also a wide range of bodyweight exercises to choose from to allow you to create home workout programs for your clients.

    How can our workout scheduling software help your business?

    With our software, it’s easy to create training plans in minutes, which gives you more time to spend with your clients. No longer do you have to write up long e-mails and go over Excel lists. The scheduler does all the hard work for you.

    Why should you use software to create your training plans?

    A training plan is about more than just a template, it’s about personal attention. Training plans should be designed around the learning experience and should meet your clients’ expectations, fitness levels and personal goals. With our training plan software, you can easily create and customise training plans for every need.

    What is nutrition coaching?

    Our flexible nutrition coaching module with the integrated mobile app will allow you to offer nutrition guidance as part of your Personal Training package at no extra cost. Let clients track their nutrition independently, or step in and offer expert guidance.

    What features are included in the nutrition coaching module?

    Using nutrition coaching, you can generate personalized nutrition plans based on fitness goals, lifestyle, and body composition. Users can connect their smartwatch or fitness tracker to see their activity levels in real-time and see how this affects their daily calorie intake requirements. You can also create and assign custom meal plans for your clients.

    How does nutrition coaching add value for members?

    Nutrition coaching is an excellent way to increase your service level and is a lucrative business opportunity. It helps your clients on their fitness journey and can thus potentially boost both client acquisition and client retention. Our interconnected food and nutrition applications make it easy for you to provide an all-round coaching package to your clients.

    Does nutrition tracking save clients time?

    Using apps for tracking food will save a lot of time for your clients by calculating the amount of calories and macronutrients (carbohydrate, fats and proteins) eaten. Whether they need a nutrition plan for losing weight, gaining weight or preparing for competition, an app can be adjusted according to your client’s goals.