Coaching Software

Coaching Software

Fitness Coaching Software for Gyms, Personal Trainers and Studios

Fitness Is My Life manages all aspects of your business creating seamless interactions within a single application

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Discover how Fitness Is My Life can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

    How Our Coaching Software Helps Professionals

    With extensive exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, and communication tools,
    professionals can coach their clients 24/7 and take their wellness services into the homes of their members.

    Complete Lifestyle Guidance

    Provide state-of-the-art exercise and nutrition coaching services with a complete coaching framework and easy-to-use tools.

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    Do More in Less Time

    Workout plan templates and real-time progress tracking improve efficiency, allowing professionals to help more people in less time.

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    Increased Revenue

    Forget about tedious plan creation,
    or tracking client progress in spreadsheets. Make coaching digital, and deliver lasting results with increased client retention.

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    FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you need fitness coaching software?

    As a gym owner or personal trainer, you want to provide your members with the best workouts they can get. With fitness coaching software you can improve your level of service to customers and give every member a unique experience. Fitness Is My Life fitness coaching software will ensure you spend less time performing menial tasks so that you can spend more time growing your business.

    How can fitness coaching software improve client loyalty?

    Fitness coaching software helps you to stay available all the time so that outside of office times your customers know that they can come to you with questions. This helps build trust and reliability. Of course, all this doesn’t work if you do not offer the amazing experience you promise. Using Fitness Is My Life’s fitness coaching software, you have your own branded trainer profiles, tools like progress tracking and individual training plans, and build a highly engaged community which will put you on the right track to customer loyalty.

    How to use our fitness software for online coaching?

    The right fitness software will create an opportunity to offer online coaching. This means your brand and your whole business are now online and available anywhere, anytime. The right fitness software will also help you through social sharing. By letting your members share their workouts on social media, you raise brand awareness with your existing members, and it means free promotion among your members’ networks. Personal profiles in your community help people stay connected with your brand and also improve your professional appearance to potential clients.

    Can your business grow with our software?

    As a coach, you don’t want to stay behind with your training plans, and the right software gives you the possibility to easily keep on track of all your clients’ needs. With our software you can easily personalise training plans and ensure your clients have a variation of workouts to keep them motivated. Our software will help you improve your level of service to clients and give every member a unique experience.