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“Fitness Is Not A Goal, It Is A Way Of Life!”

Hi, I’m Marc… a sports therapist, personal trainer, educator, speaker, runner, swimmer, nutrition guru, writer, and all-round fitness enthusiast.

I inspire people, like you, to take charge of your health and nutrition, and empower you with information to make that change.

As a fitness professional and sports therapist, I am focused on helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Are you reaching the point where you need some help to re-assess your fitness goals? Perhaps you were once fighting fit in your youth but have slowed down in recent years or just don’t know how to step up to reach the next level.


Or perhaps you’re new to the gym environment and seek a more private space to learn the ropes. I can show you that regardless of your age or experience, you can achieve exceptional functional fitness using a combination of resistance and cardio training.

If you believe you could benefit from losing a few pounds or you would more energy to boost your athletic performance, allow me to help you reach your goals.

If you happen to suffer from a recent sports injury or chronic pain perhaps in your lower back or joints, you may benefit from a sports & remedial massage therapy treatment to mobilise the joints and improve circulation.

My goal is to offer you physical freedom with a more positive outlook on life to fully enjoy being free to lead your life as you wish.

I truly believe that mastering our health, body and mind is the most powerful journey we go on in our lives.

Growing up as a competitive swimmer and hockey player, I’ve gained over 10 years experience working in the fitness industry.

Starting out in the industry as a swimming and sports coach in my teens, I have been fortunate to have worked throughout the UK and around the USA, meeting a diverse range of clients along the way.

Outside of working with my clients, I have dedicated my spare time to continuing to develop my knowledge through further education and writing to be able to offer my services as a personal trainer and physical therapist.

Working with you to determine your goals, I want to join you on your journey to strike a balance in your life and restore your mind and body to its full potential.

Let’s work towards achieving the results you deserve!

Why not contact Marc to find out how he can help you take that first step.

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